Q: What is it — Astatalk?
Astatalk is an underground social network and information exchange system — all in one. Astatalk was created to give people an opportunity to discuss underground related topics — software reverse engineering, untraditional download sources and many more.
Q: Is Astatalk a file server?
No. Astatalk doesn`t host any files and doesn`t provide hosting at all.
Q: Is Astatalk a torrent tracker?
No. Astatalk is not a torrent tracker.
Q: Is Astatalk free or toll?
Astatalk is absolutely free. Just register and use all the features for free. We are not planning to make it toll and we are not going to establish any kinds of VIP membership.
Q: What is Release, Request and Thread? What are the differences?
Release is a pointer to some piece of information in the internet. It may contain description, pictures and hidden block with link(s).
Request is a request to point the location of some information. Request may contain only description — without photo and hidden link(s).
Thread is a usual discussion. Thread doesn`t have hidden block and photo.
Q: What is Tag and Subforum? What are the differences?
Tag is a section with Releases, Requests and Threads. Tag unites Releases, Requests and Threads with similar features. Some Release, Request or Thread may be at the same time in several Tags.
For example: Debian GNU/Linux 5.0 Release may settled down in Other OS applications and ISO.
Subforum is a section designed only for discussions. Subforum may contain only Threads.
Q: What is it — Relation?
Relation is a connection between Request and Release. We praise not only users who made a pure release but also users who linked (connected) correspondent Request with that Release.
One Release may be linked with several Requests. One Request may be linked with several Releases.
Q: What is it — Comment?
Comment is a message posted by user in Release, Request or Thread.
Q: What is Astapower and what is Karma?
Astapower (shown as ♠) is a user rating that depends on user`s amount of Releases and Relations and the quality of it. Astapower is affected when different users "+" Releases and Relations.
Karma (shown as ♣) is a user rating that describes general user`s behaviour. Karma is affected when different users "+" Requests, Threads and Comments.
Please note that after three months every voting rate gets frozen. Also you cannot vote for yourself.
Q: What is it — Team?
Team is group of users who have a common interest (aim). For example: a Team of professional reverse engineers from Albania, a Team of Astatalk moderators. Astatalk is a good platform for communication and targeted information exchange.
Team may contain Releases and/or Threads. Teams can be private or public. Private Teams are closed to view. You are not able to view Team members, threads, Team information etc. Public Teams are opened for viewing.
All Teams can make private or public Releases. Public Releases must be at least in one Tag. Private Releases can be viewed only by Team members and can`t be in Tag. Some Teams may require validation to join.
Q: How is Team organized?
User creates a team and waits until moderator approves it. After it is approved user becomes Team Owner. Team Owner can edit all Team Releases and Threads, can edit Team description, Team avatar and Team settings.
Team Owner approves new members, kicks members, edits Team blacklist and assigns Team moderators. Team moderator can make all Team Owner`s actions except assigning new Team moderators. Team member can make Team Release/Thread and edit it.
Q: Can I create my Team?
Of course, you can. But remember that your Team must be validated by moderator before it becomes available in Team section.
Q: Why I don`t see my new Release in search results?
Due to high load of fulltext search we use a complicated search mechanism with caching features. Just wait a little bit and it will appear.
Q: Why should I use my email instead of nickname when login?
This makes more difficult to steal your account with brute force attack.
Q: Why I can`t use animated gifs in my avatar?
All pictures that we store on our servers are converted to JPEG format that doesn`t support animation. If you use pictures from external sources (for example in your signature) you may use animated gifs.
Q: Why I can`t use BBCode?
Because we use a limited set of real html tags instead available for posting. This way is more professional than using forum BBCode.
Q: Where can I find "thanks button" to thank a user?
If you want to thank a user for his Release/Request/Thread or Comment use "+" link. It will increase his(her) AstaPower or AstaKarma.. You can thank a user only once for specific Release/Request/Thread or Comment.
Q: Why do I get PM notifications on my email with delay?
In order to normalize the load on our mail server it sends out emails on the schedule several times a day.
Q: Where did you get so beautiful icons in the posting form? ;)
Some of them are freely distributed and are taken from picol.org. Our designer made others.
Q: How to delete my account?
If you want to delete your account please login and use http://astatalk.com/profile/delete/ link. After you submit deletion your account will be frozen for a 30 day period. During this period you will be able to login but all community capabilities will be limited. But during this period you will be able to restore your account if you change your mind. If you don’t restore your account during the 30 days it will be deleted forever. But please note, when you delete your account only your registration information (private and public) is deleted.