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04 Aug 2011, 08:38


[b]TTC Video - Elements of Jazz: From Cakewalks to Fusion[/b]
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The uniquely American music and art form, jazz, is one of America's great contributions to world culture.
Now you can learn the basics of jazz and its history in a course as free-flowing and original as jazz itself.
Taught by Professor Bill Messenger of the Peabody Institute, the lectures in this course are a must for music lovers. They will have you reaching deep into your own music collection and going straight out to a music store to add to it.

Course Lecture Titles:

01. Plantation Beginnings
02. The Rise and Fall of Ragtime
03. The Jazz Age (info)
04. Blues
05. The Swing Era
06. Boogie, Big Band Blues, and Bop
07. Modern Jazz
08. The ABC's of Jazz Improvisation

Run time: ~8x45 min
Professor: Bill Messenger
Country: usa

Keywords TTC, Video, Elements, of, Jazz, From, Cakewalks, to, Fusion

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