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From the first whistle, FIFA 07 throws you into the rollercoaster ride of a football season and the intense stadium atmosphere of every home and away match.

Relish every satisfying victory over bitter rivals and live through every gut-wrenching poor performance at home. Savour the spine-tingling stadium atmosphere, home and away, as your team battles their way up the league table. Listen as your supporters chant your players' names and bellow all the rousing club songs through rain and shine.

You have the power to shape your club's destiny in the EA SPORTS™ Interactive Leagues [F.A. Premier League, Bundesliga, French League, Mexican 1st Division], a new online mode that enables you to pit your club against supporters of your real-world opponents. Play your games according to the real-world schedule. When they play, you play. Track your team's progress as the aggregate results determine your club's position in the league table. Now you actually take to the pitch for the glory of your club.

New intelligent AI ensures that your 11 men on the pitch make realistic decisions, finding space and passing like professionals. A complete overhaul of the game engine now means that you have to employ real world tactics, make realistic decisions and think like a player in order to win matches.

Take on the updated and improved challenge of the Manager Mode. Player values and wages have been tuned to be even more realistic. Managerial decisions have even more tangible effects on player performance and welfare. Smarter CPU decisions mean rival managers are even more strategic in their own pursuit of silverware.

This is the season where you make the difference! FIFA 07, PEGI rated as 3+, is available September 2006.
performance. Goals and possession result in rousing chanting as momentum builds for your team but dips to a frustrated murmur if you're struggling. The camera focuses on those players who wear their emotions on their sleeve.
• EA SPORTS™ Interactive Leagues: Represent your club online against your rivals throughout the season in the F.A. Premier League, Bundesliga, French League or Mexican 1st Division. When they play, you play. Win and drive your club closer to glory. Lose and see your team plummet to the bottom of the table. Weekly podcasts include user interviews that broadcast your glory to the world.
• IMPROVED GAMEPLAY: Passing and positioning have all been enhanced. Players jostle and collide realistically while trying to win balls. New ball physics accurately recreate bouncing, skidding and topspin. Signature moves and playing styles for the stars have been authentically captured.
• SET PLAYS: Use the left analog stick to apply topspin or backspin to the ball for more creative set plays and finesse shots.
• NEW SHOOTING MECHANICS: Experience a more sophisticated shooting mechanic that gives you greater control for pin-point accuracy.
• ADVANCED GOALKEEPER AI: Goalkeeper intelligence is authentic, with true-to-life reactions and a greater variety of deflections and saves.
• ENHANCED MANAGER MODE: Everything is real. Real money, youth player development, press and fan reaction. Immerse yourself completely in the world of a football manager. New this year – create your own club.
SOCIAL GAMING: Play against up to eight friends in the FIFA 07 LOUNGE to determine your champion. A new handicap system levels the playing field in the ultimate pursuit of bragging rights.
• COMPLETE AUTHENTICITY: FIFA 07 features 27 leagues from 20 nations. Over 510 teams are accurately represented with correct kits and badges.
• ONLINE EVERYWHERE: Never again miss any news with the ultimate sports ticker. While online, breaking news, live scores and results are delivered straight to your screen, 24/7.

* INTERNET CONNECTION required for online play. Not all features available with all platforms.

Its FIFA 07 HIGHLY COMPRESSED using Winrar and not KGB
Install notes are provided inside the rar files as Readme.txt

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sanjuoo7 08 Jul 2009, 09:40 #

how it will work i download it and after right click to emulation a another option come then wat to do

neo4all 08 Jul 2009, 09:42 #

try turning all options ON if this doesnt work thn try burning it onto a DVD

sanjuoo7 08 Jul 2009, 09:44 #

how to start it pls give brief detail about it

sanjuoo7 08 Jul 2009, 09:47 #

i try it all option on and then a I drive open after that wat to do
any help pls

or i click ocompressed rar file and it say it is damaged

neo4all 08 Jul 2009, 09:49 #

First Extract all files to a folder then Mount the MDf file wil Daemon tools and then in the taskbar right-click on daemon tools,click emulate and then turn all options ON.Telll me if it works or not

Deleted comment
neo4all 08 Jul 2009, 10:01 #

Then try burning the extracted files to a DVD

anouarguy 28 Nov 2009, 13:52 #

A question to neo4all:
Are you 100% sure that this is working?
Thanks for reply!

Blaken_and_eggs 28 Nov 2009, 17:29 #

neo, some reasons why its 1mb may be because 99% off the files failed to even make it into the archive except the names so it shows that the files are there but they are really nothing.

only game i saw really compressed to 6mb was Grand Theft Auto: SA using kgb or whatever its called. took 21hrs to extract tho

geraldd12 25 Oct 2010, 11:37 #


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dreame 28 Jun 2011, 07:52 #

hi can u upload to mediafire.

rushhs 07 Apr 2012, 09:45 #

not working...

tHeGeNiUs 07 Apr 2012, 10:58 #

Blaken_and_eggs said:neo, some reasons why its 1mb may be because 99% off the files failed to even make it into the archive except the names so it shows that the files are there but they are really nothing.

That's true, neo, i'm not sure why, but i guess something is wrong with the chosen compression options :) .

Agume 04 Nov 2012, 12:32 #

The file is deleted from rapidshare and can no longer be downloaded, why?

Agume 04 Nov 2012, 12:35 #

Upload the file again for me to download.


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