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31 May 2013, 06:30


here is the current release of justcuzicans loader


What is the justcuzican Loader?

well, to put it in simple terms, it's a small program, that when you run it, allows you to choose the name of the pogo game that you wish to use an auto on, and once you choose the game, simply click the load button, and it will open the proper auto for the game you chose.
no more having to remember what auto plays what game, or scrolling thru countless folders looking for the auto you want.
there is four drop down menus in the loader which all list out the pogo game names, simply choose the one you wish, and click load.
once installed, then when a new auto is released, simply download the update and with all the autos and the loader closed, run the update and follow the on screen instructions, and when finished, open the loader and the loader will be updated.

Need to have version 2.3.3 installed before using the update file.
Otherwise, uninstall and install using the full install file.

Changes in version 2.3.4: (released May 30th 2013)

added "Sherlock Holmes" to the Badgewinners menu,
also many Badgewinners autos were updated.

BW Patch

Here is a patch that will register all the autos that are currently available from badgewinners.
what this is for is for those who do not wish to use a loader for your autos.
this patch is made by justcuzican and if you use his loader for your autos, there is no reason to use this patch.

to use:
download and "save" to your computer
after download is completed, then run the file you downloaded and follow the on screen prompts
after it's finished, you do not need to run it again.
(this patch registers all the autos at once, you do not have to have the auto on your computer for it to be made full version)

when a new auto is released, the patch will be updated to include the new auto in it
and you will then need to download the updated patch as described above and run it.

this patch does not contain any autos, it simply registers the BW autos on your computer,
you can download the autos from badgewinners themselves.

(released May 30th 2013)
Added the ability to register the newest badgewinner auto "Sherlocky"

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Loader Update v2.3.4

or for those that need the full install

Loader Full Install v2.3.4

BW_Patch v6.3

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davdor 02 Aug 2013, 19:48 #

Any update yet to include "Sligo Blast"

Destoni5 11 Aug 2013, 01:19 #

Hi and thank you for this. I was just wondering are these by the original justcuzican, I started playing pogo 12yrs ago and stopped few years ago "facebook"which I have know time for now so have gone back to Pogo. I've noticed alot of justcuzican programs for pogo you have to pay the website that has them before you can download. Is hoping there's and update coming soon. Thank you again.

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Jadey70 06 Mar 2014, 04:58 #

Can someone update this pogo auto loader and bw patch please?

Thank you.

OCEANFIRE 23 Jul 2014, 02:29 #

Yes Please can someone UPDATE this Please To a version over 2.3.7


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