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02 Jul 2013, 17:01


Type: Application
License: freeware
Language: Multilanguage
Size: 4.72 MB (in zip format)
Platform: Windows 8 or Windows 8.1

You may have noticed that in Windows 8, Desktop Gadgets were removed as a choice for the legacy desktop. Although Microsoft caved and added back a Start button, Desktop Gadgets were not so lucky.
However, we can help you out there, if you really want them back. Sergey Tkachenko, with the help of a friend has updated the tweaked Desktop Gadgets for Windows 8 so that they can also be installed on Windows 8.1 easily.
To install with a few mouse clicks, launch the installer. (Download from the download box and unzip it and install the installer)
Which also supports all available Windows 8.1 languages, so you can get the gadgets and sidebar interface in your native language.
Wait for the installer to finish then right click on the desktop and you'll see the familiar "Gadgets" item in your desktop context menu.
Now all you need is someone to update those gadgets into Tiles, so they really look "Modern".

Source: Winaero - Windows 8.1 Desktop Gadgets

Thanks to Sergey for the tip and hosting the file.

Keywords Desktop, gadgets, sidebar, Windows, 8.1

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zbogom 25 Jul 2013, 15:05 #

exactly same with windows 7 alias nothing new at all.


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