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26 Oct 2009, 21:10


How To Install Nero v9.4.26.0 Ultra Edition using BetaMaster Nero 9 Keymaker v5.55
Note: For people who have had Nero before then please download and use the Nero General Clean Tool, then restart your computer and then begin doing these steps.

1. Download Nero v9.4.26.0 Ultra Edition and install. You should be asked to enter a trial serial during installation. To continue, you may use the trial serial provided below . Now just complete the installation of Nero Ultra Edition v9.4.26.0 Ultra Edition.

2. When the installation is finished don't restart the computer. Close anything that is related to Nero including any processes.

3. Open the Keymaker. (Vista users right click and run as administrator). If an anti-virus program says this is a virus then please ignore it because it isn't. Click License manager and select Remove all serials, now close the License manager and click Reset white list and Re-Detect Nero.

4. Now all you do is select a product which you desire from the drop down list and click Generate so a working key can be created.
Once a key is generated simply click Add to white list. Continue doing this for every product including the ones with Activation at the front of them. Exit the Keymaker.

5. Final step is to disable the Nero Patent Activation. To do this go to C:/Program files/Common Files/Nero/AdvrCntr4 and locate the file called NeroPatentActivation.exe. Now rename the file to NeroPatentActivation.old and just click yes if Windows warns you about changing the extension of the file.

6. That's it, you're all done, enjoy your working Nero v9.4.26.0 Ultra Edition!!

Have a nice day :)

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Serial : 8M01-209M-AH6P-5UW0-WHAW-C53X-473X-79MH
VirusTotal report:

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charmed94 09 Nov 2009, 19:24 #

Great instruction. I was really surprised to see no cracks without virus, but then i saw this VirusTotal and you saying it isn't really a virus. Well, i hope it isn't. I will check it out now. Thanks!

charmed94 09 Nov 2009, 21:25 #

I've done everything as you said, but it only worked for a half. I mean, i can't enter Nero StarSmart (I don't need it anyway, but still...), also i get an error when i load some DVD with Nero ShowTime saying me to download free version of Nero, but when i click close it continues to play just fine. Anyway, this is definitely better than non-activated version! Still something to fix with this keygen, but it's ok.

salahe69 12 Nov 2009, 20:01 #

j'ai exsecuté toutes les étapes et jusqu'à l'activation de tous les produits ça a bien marché mais après la désactivation en renommant le ficher indiqué tout est bloqué y'a t'il une erreure la quelque part merci beaucoup d'avoir m'eclaircir

ass33 29 Dec 2009, 08:39 #

you can download from here working 100%

havizul313 21 Jan 2010, 02:11 #

Here is direct download + Key maker + nero Cleaning tool :


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