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GibbsCAM 2009 v9.3.20 Multilanguage


GibbsCAM® is a state-of-the-art, PC-based computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) system for programming computer numerically controlled (CNC) machine tools. GibbsCAM is organized as a single application. The base package?s capabilities can be optionally extended through the addition of seamlessly integrated modules. This way the system can be configured for your initial needs and be gradually expanded as your needs grow, protecting your investment. GibbsCAM?s graphical user interface was designed for machinists by machinists, resulting in a user environment that is both familiar and efficient. This manufacturing orientation ensures that GibbsCAM?s powerful functionality is also extremely easy to learn and use. GibbsCAM?s free-form interaction style allows you to move easily between geometry creation, toolpath creation, process visualization/verification and post processing. GibbsCAM?s ease of use, programming efficiency, speed and short training time makes GibbsCAM, the CAM industry?s ease-of-use leader, the best tool for programming your parts.

GibbsCAM®, the CAM industry?s recognized ease-of-use leader, offers simple to use, yet extremely powerful, solutions for programming CNC machine tools. GibbsCAM?s intuitive, graphical user interface, is not only easy to learn, but is extremely efficient to use. Designed by machinists for machinists, GibbsCAM is extremely familiar to users coming from the shop floor. The GibbsCAM product family supports the full range of metal cutting machine tools, from basic milling and turning centers to rotary tables, to 3- and 5-axis simultaneous milling machines, complex multi-task machining machine tools to Wire-EDM devices through the seamless addition of modules. GibbsCAM?s signature ease-of-use, programming efficiency, speed and short training time makes GibbsCAM the best tool for programming your parts.

GibbsCAM Production Milling
The base module of GibbsCAM’s milling product line, Production Milling supports 2- thru simple 3-axis machining of wireframe geometry with full functionality for face milling, contouring, pocketing with unlimited bosses/islands, tapping, boring and drilling with many drill cycles.

GibbsCAM Production Turning
The base module of GibbsCAM’s turning product line, Production Turning supports 2-axis machining of wireframe geometry with full functionality for contouring, automatic roughing, plunge roughing, drilling, threading, and tapping. When combined with Production Milling live tooling is supported.

GibbsCAM Advanced CS
An incremental option to Production Milling or Turning, Advanced CS (Coodinate Systems) supports defining local coordinate systems in any orientation/location in addition to the default standard primary plane coordinate systems.

GibbsCAM Rotary Milling
An incremental option to Production Milling, Rotary Milling supports machining wireframe geometry on rotary tables. Geometry can either be radial or flat and then wrapped.

GibbsCAM 4-Axis
With an extensive set of parameters which provide user control for 4-axis rotary machining, GibbsCAM 4-Axis offers a rich programming environment for machining radially prismatic parts.

GibbsCAM 5-Axis
With a full range of support for 5-axis simultaneous machining, GibbsCAM 5-Axis provides a powerful way to machine impellers, engine ports, turbine blades, and other objects with complex surfaces.

GibbsCAM Solids Import
The entry level module of GibbsCAM’s solids-based machining capabilities, Solids Import supports importing and orienting solid models. Wireframe geometry is then extracted for machining using Production Milling or Turning. Solids can be sliced to generate machineable geometry.

GibbsCAM 2.5D Solids
The mid-level module of GibbsCAM’s solid-based machining capabilities, 2.5D Solids supports directly machining 2.5D solids. Basic solid modeling functionality is also provided to build models from scratch, modify existing models, or solidify surface models into solids.

GibbsCAM SolidSurfacer®
The most comprehensive of GibbsCAM’s solid-based machining capabilities, SolidSurfacer® provides advanced surface/solids modeling functionality and 3-axis multi-surface and solids machining. SolidSurfacer is ideally suited for mold cavities, cores, dies, aerospace, medical and automotive components.

GibbsCAM MTM™ (Multi-Task Machining)
With its intuitive graphical interface, MTM™ (Multi-Task Machining) supports creating optimal programs for complex multi-turret, multi-spindle multi-tasking machine tools which fully utilize their capabilities. Factory-built posts ensure error-free G-code output.

GibbsCAM TMS (Tombstone Management System)
Building upon basic capability in Production Milling, TMS (Tombstone Management System) provides an environment designed specifically for programming multiple parts fixtured on tombstones. Once the parts are positioned on the tombstone, cor__TEXT IS TOO BIG. IT WAS TRUNCATED TO 5000 SYMBOLS

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