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04 Mar 2010, 01:37


FlexiSIGN Pro v8.5.0.1 build 1248 + SP 1 [1255] MultiLanguage


FlexiSIGN-PRO offers the total solution for any Sign Making business. This complete software pacakge offers a full set of design, cutting, RIPing and printing tools for maximum productivity.

Adobe® RIP Engine
Thanks to an exclusive license, FlexiSIGN-PRO 8.5 is one of the only solutions on the market offering a seamlessly integrated, Genuine Adobe® PostScript® RIP Engine, guaranteeing Accuracy, Reliability and Compatibilty

What's New in Flexi 8.5-:

By integrating finely tuned technology with years of feedback from our partners and users, Flexi 8.5 maintains its status as the number one choice for dependable, feature-rich sign-making software with uncompromising quality. Below are a few highlights of what is in store for you...

* Flexi 8.5 is fully compatible with Windows Vista™ operating system.
* New drivers for all the latest printers, engravers and vinyl cutters.
* Set the number of times a job is automatically re-sent without re-RIPing using the Repeat Job function.
* Application Direct Printing through Dynamic PPDs
* Nest or tile jobs to multiple rolls using the Dual Roll function
* Easily correct color with Variations, a point-and-click color correction tool.
* Sign Making Fonts and Graphics CD included with upgrades of FlexiSIGN or higher.
* Break up multi-copy, multi-page, or multi-tiled jobs into individual jobs using the Break Apart function.

Improved Features
* Nesting saves more media and adds flexible editing within Job Properties’ layout view.–ICCs can now be applied to individual jobs in a nest.
* Enhanced Color Management System which includes improved dithering, and support for up to 16 color channels.
* Import/Export filters.
* Weedlines no longer cut through the inside of letters.
* Easier preset management - Save, save as, rename and delete are now available as buttons besides the preset selection.


Hardware Requirements
Operating System: Windows Server 2003, XP, Vista
RAM: 1 Gb RAM or higher
Working Disk Space: »4+ GB
Video: 1024x768 resolution, 24-bit color
Other: DVD drive, Available USB port for key, Broadband Internet
connection recommended, Internet connection required,
Available port connection for each output device
Is FlexiSIGN-PRO right for you?
# The industry standard for sign making software.
# A complete solution for design and output of both vinyl and digital print graphics.
# SmartObjects and Smart Tools follow your design process and update automatically for maximum productivity.
# Quickly and accurately vectorize colored or grayscale bitmap artwork with the most powerful vectorization and cleanup on the market.
# Create decals quickly and accurately with the industry''''s most precise Print & Cut to a hybrid or virtual hybrid printer/cutter combination.
# "Send To EnRoute" command seemlessly integrates your design into EnRoute for dimensional sign output.

# Configure printer and cutter setups for out-of-the box production for over 1000 devices.
# More than 400 "Certified" ICC Output Profiles are included to give you the print results you want.
# The strongest import filters in the industry give you the flexibility to import from the most popular design applications.

Intuitive & Powerful
# The user interface has been long reowned for its ease-of-use.
# The industry''''s most powerful layout and output package.
# Complete layout, Vinyl Cutting and Digital Printing capabilities all in one streamlined package.
# Seamless Print & Cut Design and output.

SAI Production Suite SP1

This Service Pack updates the release build 1248 or 1251 to 1255 and contains several important fixes and is recommended for all users.


PhotoPRINT 6.0v1 or Flexi 8.5v1 build 1248 or 1251.


- Remote Production Manager will now work when using a hard key.
- Printing gradients from RIP and Print will now be consistent with Production Manager/PhotoPRINT output.
- CMYK Spot colors now print more consistently when printing through RIP and Print versus Production Manager/PhotoPRINT.
- Printing Linearization Only and No Color Correction now print correctly when using FMXPress.
- Repeat job with nested jobs now prints correct amount of times.
- Font list in Text menu now continuously scrolls on Vista
- Drawing colors no longer revert to defaults in Cut/Plot
- Diffusion dither speeds are now 15%-35% faster. This applies to KF, Error, Error 2, LX, and Random Diffusion.
- Variations dialog no longer crashes
- Sending ink limit targets no longer causes CPSI error.

Installation NFO:

Install Flexi and close.
Install SP1 and close.
Copy/paste both loaders to-:
C:\Program Files\SAi\SAi Production Suite\Program\ (Default)
Double click AppStarter.exe which will make an ini file.
open ini file and change the 200 to 500 & save

Keywords FlexiSIGN, Portable, Sign, Maker, design, cutting, RIPing, printing


Update SP 1255 | 17.5mb


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all4free777 11 Aug 2010, 22:46 #

Hi all. I have followed the given instructions to the letter as far as kjay shared but I have the following problem. Once I have installed and run the SAiLicKey according to his instructions, every time I open the program it gives the error: Error while patching. Wrong Version.It only works with Production Suite Build 1472. I checked the version and it has updated the program to version 1472. I first installed 8.6, then update 8.6v2.B1448 update-1 and then update 8.6v2.B1465 update-2. I then copied and pasted the SAiLiczKey as instructed and ran it as administrator. Everyhting seemed OK until I tried to open and use the program. I have uninstalled and cleared all remnants of the progam and re-installed several times but to no avail. PLEASE help me someone!!! all4free777

ellene 11 Aug 2010, 23:48 #


Perhaps you could upload v8.6 for the people who don`t have it, you`ll get more help on this by doing so my friend.

all4free777 12 Aug 2010, 04:17 #

Hi ellene. Many thanks for your suggestion. Although I am pretty efficient in working on PC's, I have never uploaded anything . If you can explain to me how to do it I will do so with pleasure.all4free777

all4free777 12 Aug 2010, 05:52 #

I normally clear my surfing traces each time I shut down my PC but by mistake I did not do so last night. I have the web site where I downloaded the 8.6 version. Would it be OK for me to give the name here so others can get the program? It is a new thread on the web site loaded in June 2010.Please come back to me soonest.I am busy seeding the progam back on the site using BitComet so it will together with other seeders keep it going. By the way the program is on a torrent site.

I have been searching for the 8.6 version for about 3 weeks and only found it day before yesterday. I have downloaded it for a very good friend of mine who is a sign graphic artist. He lost his version 8.5 through a power outage which crashed his PC in the middle of a job he was doing. For some reason his UPS also crashed when the power went down. He had forgotten to check his backup batteries of the UPS. These things happen I guess.Please come back to me soonest.

In the meantime I am sooo happy that I found this forum while cruising the web. I actually was reading the above thread because it was to do with version 8.5. Then when I came across kjay's post in answer to RG SIgn's request for v8.6, I literally jumped up and down at my PC. Bless you KJAy for your post. It has given me the opportunity of blessing my friend with the latest version(8.6) Now if my problem, which is actually my friend's problem as well, can be addressed, I will be very grateful. The program is acting on my PC the same as on his PC. (See my first post in this thread). Until I see some answers; Long live Astatalk. Thanks.all4free777

all4free777 12 Aug 2010, 06:34 #

Hi again ellene. Well my question has been answered by me doing a search on this forum . I am about to attempt hiding the link to the website where the V8.6 FlexiSign program is. Here goes,

Please login or register to download
Use alternative full direct download

RG Signs
RG Signs 12 Aug 2010, 16:34 #

all4free777, in which operating system are you trying to install? You should NOT install the Sentinel Driver or the HASP Driver. And, be sure to install as Trial. I gave up on installing 8.6 in Windows 7, 64bit. It looked to me like it kept trying to install it in both Program Files folders (the 64bit and the x86 folder). So, I went back to the 8.1 version.

all4free777 13 Aug 2010, 07:53 #

Hi all. I am going to attempt to upload the 8.6 program as I understand that the links to the torrent program are not being seeded at present. RG signs we will sought the problem out as I don't give up easily. The other problem my friend is having on his windows 7 64bit OS is that he can save and work with the program but if he boots up in the morning when he gets to his workplace he has to run the SAiLicKey each time to "Legalise" the program.If there is a work-around or latest patch to solve this irritation please bring it to the table as it were, anybody out there. Many thanks to all on Astatalk froma new member willing to help all I can.

RG Signs
RG Signs 13 Aug 2010, 13:12 #

all4free777, there is an easy fix for your "Legalize" problem. Simply put a link to SAiLicKey in the Startup folder. After you do this, whenever you turn on the computer, the SAiLicKey will be activated automatically. Problem solved. Good luck.

rubbercousin 14 Aug 2010, 17:29 #

Thanks very much RG signs...It worked. All4free777 was the friend finding out about my problem for me.....thanks to him big time, too.

RG signs, maybe i have a fix for your problem....

Anybody struggling with the flexi 8.6v2 error: Panos loader error 53 and/or runtime errors....this is what I did to fix this: (Okay, I use 64 bit windows 7 ultimate, so I have not tested this on a 32 bit os yet.....) When installing the app, and you have the setup dialog with the check-boxes...un-check the Sentinel driver thingy. Then when running the dl (flexi 8.6v2) - un-check the Sentinel driver check box again....after installation, run the sp1 update and bob's your auntie!

RG Signs
RG Signs 14 Aug 2010, 21:58 #

U R welcome, rubbercousin. Who is that Bob character you referred to at the end of your post?

Can you explain more about where the 2nd place is that you un-check Sentinel Driver? I have seen only one place and that's when I was installing the program. My printer is old, so I went back to version 8.1. It worked perfectly on my Windows 7 Ultimate until I also installed Photoshop CS5 (and CS3). After installing Photoshop, I get the Runtime error every time I open Flexi. But, Flexi still works fine. As for the Ponos Error, it doesn't seem to affect the program either. You just have to click OK in the error window before Flexi will work. I think the Ponos Error is a little gift (signature) from the guy/gal who created the loader. Google it and see what you come up with. Glad it's working well for you.

RG Signs
RG Signs 16 Aug 2010, 02:29 #

If the Runtime Error still bugs you, here is a fix that worked for me. Open Flexi and go to Edit/Preferences/File Paths/Adobe Plug-ins. Now browse away from the real Adobe PS Plug-in folder. It can be to almost any other folder that does not have any Plug-ins or create an empty folder to point to. Most people do not use the Photoshop Plug-ins in Flexi anyway. Flexi will also open faster now because it doesn't have to load all of your Photoshop Plus-ins. And, no more Runtime Error.

Also, Flexi 10 is to be released next month. So, get ready for more fun.

all4free777 17 Aug 2010, 06:20 #

Hi all. It's me once again. In answer to your query RG Signs. First of all having gone through the problems with rubbercousin and now him being on a short break-away at a resort for a well earned rest, let me detail to you as he did for me, the answer to your problem above. Forgive my simple instructions but they work.
1. Install FlexiSign 8.6
2. When installing a small window opens giving you certain objects to tick or untick. Untick sentinel box.
3. now install the large update ( 8.6v2.B1448 update-1)Once again when the small window opens giving you the option to tick or untick boxes, untick again the sentinel box.
4. Lastly install the update(8.6v2.B1465 update-2).You will now have 8.6v2 installed.
5. Now, using the link which KJay gave ( go fetch the SAiLicKey.
6. Using your instructions, copy and paste the licence key into the start-up folder of the OS. I am also using win 7 64bit Ultimate. Using the combination of all the instructions given on this thread in the way set out above the following happens.
a) No more error message
b) Automatic opening of the progam.
c) 100% working program.
By the way my friend is using Photoshop CS5 and I think many plug-ins and he does not experience any problems. And bob's your auntie is just a way of saying everything works OK.Until next post just a very BIG thanks to you all at AstaTalk. you are a great community and I am enjoying my participation very much. Again thanks.

soundmasterx 27 Dec 2010, 01:27 #

First off Thank you! Although I got this to work properly my Kaspersky continues to say SAiLicKey is a virus, "trojan-dropper.win32.renum.fio" to be exact. Normally I would disregard that considering majority of cracks are mistaken for viruses however, after re-enabling Kaspersky after a few days of no downloading I was infected with multiple viruses... Is this in fact a virus or am I crazy?

ellene 27 Dec 2010, 04:47 #

soundmasterx said:First off Thank you! Although I got this to work properly my Kaspersky continues to say SAiLicKey is a virus, "trojan-dropper.win32.renum.fio" to be exact. Normally I would disregard that considering majority of cracks are mistaken for viruses however, after re-enabling Kaspersky after a few days of no downloading I was infected with multiple viruses... Is this in fact a virus or am I crazy?


Crazy? I doubt it my friend....just paranoid!!

It is a false/positive with kaspersky as there is no virus.
There`s been some 1000 odd peeps who have downloaded this and your the first to
shout virus!!

You should of made it a trusted file in your A/V

This thread is fairly old now, though useful for info.
You need to go here for updates on this software matey-:

Please login or register to download
Use alternative download link

soundmasterx 30 Dec 2010, 00:34 #

ellene said:

Crazy? I doubt it my friend....just paranoid!!

It is a false/positive with kaspersky as there is no virus.
There`s been some 1000 odd peeps who have downloaded this and your the first to
shout virus!!

You should of made it a trusted file in your A/V

This thread is fairly old now, though useful for info.
You need to go here for updates on this software matey-:

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DiegoLuisito 05 Jan 2011, 00:02 #

hello, how can i find the loader? many thanks

ellene 05 Jan 2011, 07:55 #

DiegoLuisito said:hello, how can i find the loader? many thanks


You`d be better to update by following the link above you matey!

Ryu8146 25 Sep 2011, 08:33 #

hi all...

having a bit problem here... can anyone upload the AppStarters patch? because i lost it... i only just have App2Starters only... have trying many source but all of it cannot be use.. please3x... :(

damuk 09 Jan 2012, 14:04 #

Hi hopping someone can help.
I am looking for the ICC profiles for our Mutoh Rockhopper II 64.
The like that is posted is now dead.
If any one has a live link to downloade i woud be very gratfull.
We could them get the printer back online and printing as it should.
At the moment it will not print the correct colours.

ellene 09 Jan 2012, 17:09 #


This link should help my friend-:

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Use alternative download mirror


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