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03 May 2010, 02:18


Top internet accelerator (according to PC Magazine), a network settings optimizer to speed up your existing Dial-Up Modem, DSL, Cable, Wireless, LAN, High-speed internet connections.

SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator is a powerful Windows application designed to optimize your network connection and speed up all your internet activities. This translates into a , faster browsing and email, faster downloads, faster online gaming, improved Skype connection.

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I created a keygen and patches. The 8.0 version of SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator does a server check every time you start the program so I created patches to prevent that from happening. Before registering copy the sclib.dll and wintrust.dll patch to the "C:\Program Files\CBS Software\SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator\” folder. Now use the keygen and enter any email address and you will get a valid activation code. Start the program and enter the email address and activation code created by the keygen. It will take about a minute for the registration to complete so do not stop the program until it is done.

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D4mn 08 May 2010, 22:21 #

does't work, im using win 7 and SpeedConnect Internet Accelerator v.08

619RJefferstone619 11 May 2010, 12:11 #

not work..when i tried to OPTIMIZE and it said..havn't registered yet...u keygen not working bro!..

well i wait for u then..bcoz im still noob on hacking.. need a teacher lol!

sancu 12 May 2010, 17:41 #

Thanks bro, but i have a problem.
After install I enter email and serial given by keygen, then register the software online. It took several minutes to download whatever file for more than 30 MB, i don't know exactly cause I immediately cut it off. It's unusual for application to download more than 30MB data only for registration. When I interrupt the download process, it said the full version already active. But when i click optimize button it says i can't do it cause it's a trial version.

Deleted comment
nitsui 12 Jun 2010, 21:45 #

thanks bro for the key.. however doesn't work for me either, im running xp sp3.. the program still says trial version after a restart of my laptop.. do i need to register it Online?

GazoGD 08 Aug 2010, 05:53 #

Very Nice...

Very good work!

law_virus 15 Aug 2010, 04:32 # like a charm!

delmari 17 Aug 2010, 00:03 #

Thanks mate, It is a good work, but we need a trick to make the key stick! Any body has an idea of how to solve this problem. Thanks again for your good work, you have solved a major step. We just need a brilliant mind to solve this minor problem.

Quad Core
Quad Core 03 Mar 2011, 21:49 #

Doesn't work for me either.... and I have vista

nik0la0s 12 Apr 2012, 00:03 #

windows 7 on lsptop keeps turning to something...but long time nothing


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