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03 Oct 2010, 15:18


How To Make A New Release Properly:

1. Select a Relevant Section, here I have chosen Windows applications.
2. Click to Open.
3. Scroll downward, click on New Release button.
4. You will be brought to New Release Page.
5. Give proper and relevant Title to your Release, Here I have chosen Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Lenovo OEM Full, I have already posted.
6. Give Description, I'm just copying my contents here ;p .
7. Browse and Select your Release's images/picture, you can place up to
4 images/pictures, and if you need more just upload to any picture hostings
and place the direct links here.
8. Tagging is most important, you must and only add proper tags, in my case
Windows application and ISO tag mach my release, thus adding these two.
You may loose your release if properly not tagged !!
9. Place your all links in Hidden block.
10. Keywords are very important, you must use proper Keywords.
For example here:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64 Bit Lenovo OEM,Windows 7 Ultimate,x64, 64Bit,Lenovo,OEM

It makes a perfect and search friendly release,
a user can find your releases even by searching Keywords only .
11. Click on Create Button.
12. Wait...!!
13. Congratulations !! You have Successfully Created A New Release.


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Have A Nice Day!!

* Posting Rest Soon!!

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Astatalk How To : Text and Video Guide

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