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18 Oct 2009, 20:37


I have an Epson printer service utility that I purchased for $70 US, the problem is that the application is locked for use only in XP, If I re-install than I would need to purchase the application again.


To get this adjustment program, first you have to send us your PC configuration info file. It can be generated by special program, This program generates 2 files. You send us this files and we send the adjustment program to you. It can work on one PC only. If you change some parts in your computer the program will not work and you have to buy it once more for updated PC.

I also have the application that generates the 2 files they need and the 2 files that were generated also, if they are needed I can also upload them to Rapidshare.

I am running Multi-Boot XP, Vista, 7 and have to reboot to XP if the printer needs reseting.

Rapidshare: Link Removed No Longer Needed(The app is less than 4mb)

If I run the application I can go to the temp folder and obtain the extracted files, they get deleted as soon as the app is closed.

I am also aware that there is the free Epson service utility but it is not compatible with the new Epson printers.

If you can do this please help.

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CrasherBomb 20 Oct 2009, 07:09 #
Well but i download the rapidshare link and does not request a serial or anything What is the main problem?
notmetoo 20 Oct 2009, 15:36 #
The application will initiate on other PC or OS but will not allow to continue to use it, No serial is required for the app. When I purchased the application from they sent me a small application that generates 2 pc configuration files, I then had to send the 2 files to them via email, they (2manuals) obviously create some rules in the app using the 2 files, which prvents it from being used on any other PC. A couple of days later I recieved the service utility, wich works nicely on my XP partition but not the Vista or Win7 partition.

I have the application that generates the pc configuration files and also the 2 files that I sent to them, if you need them I have uploaded @ rapidshare also.

I want to be able to use this application in the future, maybe on another PC or other OS, I also know that if it is possible to unlock it and remove the restiction, alot of other epson users a going to be really grateful.
Travies0 24 Oct 2009, 18:23 #
I will be really glad if anybody wold get it working. I am also an unlucky artisan 800 owner with the same problem. I hope that people contribute. I have research the whole net with no luck I have browse the Internet in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese so far no luck. I even contact epson and ask for the reset program but the bastards say that there is no reset utility for this printer, this is as close as I have got by downloading the program but not working. supposably this guy has the program and will send it if you buy his inks but i don't know I have a bad feeling about this, here is the link also this guy has it but I'm pretty sure he charges too link!737BB3DFA0E105A2!1035.entry?dir=Last.I have a list of 13 e-mails of unlucky epson users that are in the same boat. So please help us.
notmetoo 03 Nov 2009, 04:02 #
Glad to see that others are also interested in having this app cracked. I have still had no luck with finding a way for this to work on win7.
ReaLOrTHoTaMiNe 09 Nov 2009, 00:48 #
Here it is friend, cracked by me (Click loader.exe to run to program):
I have only one request, pls look at this picture:

Pls test it in another computer and inform me if it is working perfectly or not.
raulito 14 Nov 2009, 05:24 #
I have the exact same problem. I need to reset my counter on the printer. I would love to use this program, but it's not in a language I understand. Can you GUI into English or Spanish? Thanks very very VERY much.
notmetoo 14 Nov 2009, 10:51 #
ReaLOrTHoTaMiNe you are awesome, I can't express enough how grateful I am... :D

The application works as it should, I was told it would only work on xp but I tried it on Win7. The box that your asking about is just for the service technicians ticket number, you can just leave it blank, click OK.

For the people that can't understand the language, I am working on a small guide only for the inkpad reset. I don't understand the language either and have to ask the missus to translate it for me, so please be patient.

ReaLOrTHoTaMiNe, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
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notmetoo 14 Nov 2009, 16:34 #

Similar guide to the one included in the Utility from ReaLOrTHoTaMiNe, I have included a few more screen shots with captions. Just remember to be patient with the Utility as it takes a few seconds for it to complete your requests.
raulito 15 Nov 2009, 08:17 #
You guys are incredible! I used this on Vista and it works. I had called the company and they were willing to swap out machines, but I am in Mex City and can't send my machine to the USA right now. This program did the trick. I can't thank you enough! :)
raulito 15 Nov 2009, 16:49 #
I may have spoke too soon. The InkPad error is gone, but every time I print something it comes out blank. Not any ink at all. Occasionally I get an error to turn off and on the machine. Any thoughts?
notmetoo 15 Nov 2009, 19:58 #
**WARNING** This utility is quite powerful, If used incorrectly it can leave your printer un-useable!!

Here is the service manual if anyone needs it.
P2P link
Rapidshare link

raulito said:I may have spoke too soon. The InkPad error is gone, but every time I print something it comes out blank. Not any ink at all. Occasionally I get an error to turn off and on the machine. Any thoughts?

Q1. Did you actually replace the inkpads or set up an external waste tank? If not then ink will start to leak inside the printer. Take a look at this article link

Q2. Did you only use the inkpad reset? The option below Counter Reset is Shipping Settings, 2 above the Counter reset is Pump Decompress.

Q3. What is the exact Error Message and Code if any?

My only suggestion (which uses a lot of ink), is to do an 'Ink Charge', it is the option just above the 'Counter Reset',make sure to have new inkpads or preferably an external waste ink tank

Rather than fill up this topic with help questions, I suggest starting a new topic in the forum, or head over to Inkjet Printer forums, the help and knowledge for printers you get from there will be second to none. link

**WARNING** This utility is quite powerful, If used incorrectly it can leave your printer un-useable!!

raulito 19 Nov 2009, 16:06 #
No. I didn't change the inkpad. My Epson printer program window displays: General Error Turn the printer off and delete all print jobs. Open the scanner unit and remove any paper from inside the printer and turn the printer back on.

The LED pad is blinking all the buttons and says. An error has occured. Turn off the power, wait a few seconds, and turn on tghe power. For details, see your documentation.

After I used the inkpad reset program, I tried to print, but the pages were blank. I checked the ink and refilled the cartidges. After that, I started receiving this error and cannot print anything.

I also have tried to use the program again but now, it always locks up and becomes unresponsive.

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