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26 Feb 2010, 19:03


n4ce General Information

Extending Survey module with...
-CAD Editor
-Model Editor
-Pick, Lock and Draw Options
-Linked Multi-Views with Undo/Redo
-Backcloths with CAD, Model and Aerial Photography, including Locking
-Point Editing including Insert, Move and Delete
-Annotation Editing
-Feature Editing including Create, Delete, Break, Join, Apex options and Reporting
-Copying Points from Backcloths
-Least Squares Co-ordinate Transformations
-DTM Formation using Feature Coded Constraints
-DTM Editing Linked to 3D Viewer
-DTM Groups
-Real-time Grid and Contour Generation
-Long & Cross Sections with Plotting in CAD and Drawings
-Complex Prismoidal Volumes, from Best Fit Reference Surfaces or Secondary DTMs'
-Areas and Volumes from Grouped Triangles
-Rendered 3D views of Multiple DTM Surfaces, with Height Shading, Contours, Grids, Flood Plane and Offsets
-Drawing Creation using View Ports with Model and Paper


Please note, these are the setup files only, there is NO DEMO available, and getting the actual install files is very difficult as it is, so hopefully someone will be able to get this working!

Protection is via an initial code, then dongle protection

I do have it on VERY good authority, that the different levels of product (Survey, Lite, Professional and Designer) are all accesible, but the dongle simply controls which menus (and menu options) are shown.

Hope someone can rise to the challenge on this one!

Initial installation serial


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joeindio 15 Feb 2012, 04:12 #
Links not working any tips?

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