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14 Jul 2011, 03:42


How To Sing

This BRAND NEW SERIES by Ken Tamplin is a 3 volume set designed to help you grow your voice like mad, to overcome and excel in every conceivable situation and to literally Sing Better Than Anyone Else!

It is the most advanced and powerful vocal program in the world

Volume 1:

Volume 1 is not a grading scale on your level of singing competence. It is not meant to measure your singing abilities. Volume 1 lays out the foundation of the method I teach and covers the key components to the fundamentals to great singing. The singing lessons in Volume 1 are designed to go straight to the core for easy to understand instruction for the beginner, intermediate and advanced vocalists.

Volume 2:

Volume 2 picks up where Volume 1 leaves off. While Volume 1 teaches each building block separately, Volume 2 works together in combining those building blocks to show you how to get them to work together so you can start building more on to the voice.

Volume 3:

Volume 3 doesn’t just pick up where Volume 2 leaves off. Volume 3 is the MOTHER LOAD of Vocal Resource. It starts by seriously pushing the envelopes and combining all of what you have learned in Volumes 1 and 2 but with the most advanced vocal techniques in the world for developing killer range, power, stamina, pitch, control and consistency, live song applications AND comes with an INSANE amount of bonus material!!!

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santa2011 25 Mar 2012, 01:01 #
Wish I could have a torrent link for this training or for Robert Lunte four pillars of singing
BenjiZnaiizer 09 Jun 2012, 03:04 #
Im gonna save up to buy these 3 Volumes then ill upload them here in a year or two.
bobtran 12 Mar 2013, 20:24 #
really wanted this torrent :(

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