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24 Sep 2011, 09:41


Please provide me crack or patch for this edition. Thanx in advance.

Busywin Enterprise Edition EM 3.9 (F-11)
(Small & Medium Enterprises)

New Features:

Major Changes
1.Account Ledger & Interest Calculation (Product Basis) report can be generated for multiple Financial Years.
2.Provision for printing of Bank Deposit Slip through Receipt voucher. Can be enabled through vouchers configuration.
3.Changes in HO/BO data synchronisation:
◦Deletion of vouchers will also be tracked.
◦Option provided to allow/disallow modification of opening balances of Accounts/Items during data synchronisation.
◦Option provided for bulk data Updation between HO & BO. Available as Administration->Data Export/Import->Bulk Data Updation to HO/BO.

Statutory Changes
1.Minor corrections in Gujarat Form-201.
2.Minor corrections in Orissa Form-201.
3.Minor Corrections in Rajasthan VAT-10.
4.Minor corrections in Excise Return ER-1.
5.Minor corrections in UP VAT-XXVI.
6.Minor corrections in Trading Excise Form-2.
7.Tamilnadu e-Return in XML format.

New Reports Added
1.New report Party Day Book added in Account Books. Shows all the transactions for a party (Order, Challan, Sale, Receipts etc.) along with accounting information (debit, credit and ledger balance).

Minor Changes
1.Provision for Mobile No. in Ageing Analysis and Bills Receivable/Payable reports.
2.Forms Receivable/Issuable and Forms Reminder Letter, provision made to club pending bills Monthly / Quarterly / Half Yearly / Yearly.
3.Composite Item barcodes, provision made to use key as delimiter.
4.Item barcode printing, provision made to print barcode for a single Batch No. or Item Serial No.
5.Pending Orders report, provision made to filter report on Voucher series Group & Master Series Group.
6.Account Registers columnar, item-wise sub details (Batch/Serial No./Parameters) were being shown in a single line only. Now these details would be shown in multiple lines (as in invoice printing).
7.Debit Note & Credit Note register, total amount of the voucher was being reflected instead of the amount debited/credited to party. Now amount debited/credited to the party will be shown.
8.Branch Master, provision made to Tag Material Centre(s) for a branch. This will help in data entry restrictions and filtering of inventory reports for a specific branch.
9.POS data entry with items being read from barcodes, if list of items was invoked using F4 key, the additional details along with item (if configured) were not being shown. Now it will be shown.
10.New fields & provided in invoice designing to print bill reference details of invoice.
11.Stock Status alphabetical, provision made to show item MRP also.
12.TDS Feature enabled for Pakistan also

Bugs Removed
1.Minor corrections in ‘Ageing Analysis on FIFO’ basis report.
2.Printing Excise Duty Register, an error ‘Item Not Found in Collection’ was being generated. Now problem rectified.
3.Invoice printing, Item Batch MRP & Sales Price were not being printing correct values. Now problem rectified.
4.In a few cases, ‘Dongle Server’ utility could not be started giving an error message ‘SQL Service not started’. Now problem rectified.
5.If any user did not have right to configure SMS, he/she was able to do so while sending the SMS. Now problem rectified.
6.Pending Orders report if generated on Item Print Name, sometimes an error ‘Could not locate master code’ was being generated. Now problem rectified.
7.Multi company results, Bills receivable/Payable report was not showing correct values. Now problem rectified.
8.Haryana VAT-R1, an error was being generated in SQL mode. Now problem rectified.
9.Production/Stock Journal/Un-assemble vouchers using BCN were not being saved with an error message ‘BCN Stock going Negative’. Now problem rectified.
10.POS data entry using composite barcode having alternate unit, the price of item was not being recalculated as per the alternate unit. Now problem rectified.
11.BCN data entry, sometimes the BCN(s) already adjusted in voucher were being shown again for adjustment. Now problem rectified.
12.Item Barcode printing from vouchers, barcode for first item in voucher was getting printed and not for other items. Now problem rectified.
13.Voucher Series Group management, sometimes while selecting a Series Group for modification, an error ‘Overflow’ was being generated. Now problem rectified.
14.Voucher modification mode, if Email button was pressed to send email of the document, same was being printed instead of emailing. Now problem rectified.
15.Invoice field was not printing details if the invoice was created against challan and the challan was created against order. Now problem rectified.
16.Item transaction summary if generated for Alt. Unit, the opening balance was being shown in Main Unit only. Now problem rectified.
17.POS data entry, if the party chosen was a Sub Ledger, the current balance for party was not be__TEXT IS TOO BIG. IT WAS TRUNCATED TO 5000 SYMBOLS

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You can use timestop to stop the trial time. I did it for my company's accountant.
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any news on the patch??? anybody????????
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please upload the crack guys....

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